Professor Parham Aarabi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
(External affiliation: President and CEO at ModiFace Inc.)

Bio: Ph.D. (Elec. Eng.) from Stanford in 2001. UofT Professor since 2001. Undergrad degree from UofT in Engineering Science (1998) and M.A.Sc. from UofT (1999). Published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, won a few research/teaching awards including the IEEE Mac Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award, the Gordon R. Slemon Teaching of Design Award, the ECE Professor of the Year award, the Premier's Catalyst Award for Innovation, the Canada Research Chair, and MIT's TR35 "Top Young Innovator" award.
Research spotlight and news:
Mobile Applications Lab
Email: p (AT) arh (D0T) am
Phone: 416-946-7893
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My Most Famous Former Students:

Alexander Karpenko - CEO/Founder of Luma Camera (acquired by Instagram/Facebook)

Prof. Maryam Modir Shanechi - Professor of ECE at Cornell

Dr. Alireza Rabi - MD/PhD from Johns Hopkins

Dr. Guangji Shi - Senior Audio R&D Engineer at DTS Inc.

Dr. Steven Rennie - Research Scientist at IBM Research

Dr. Omid Jahromi - Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at Belkin

Dr. Sam Mavandadi, Senior Analyst, Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board

Dr. Nevena Lazic - Research Scientist at Google

Dr. Bob Mungamuru - Vice President at Goldman Sachs

Sarah Ali - Product Manager at Google/Youtube

Alborz Mahdavi - PhD candidate at CalTech

Ron Appel - PhD candidate at CalTech

Amin Heidari - Founder and CEO, XTouch Inc.

Tusi Chowdhury - Founder and CTO, XTouch Inc.

Dr. Arezou Keshavarz - PhD (Stanford) - Software Engineer at Google

Tommy Liu - Robotics Engineer at Anki

Teodor Ivanov - Vice President, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
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