ECE1780F - Advanced Mobile User Interfaces
With the rapid advancement of mobile computing, and the limited physical space available for keyboards/buttons on mobile devices, there will be an ever greater need for novel types of mobile user interfaces including dynamic keyboards, computer-vision based interfaces, speech and audio processing (with Siri as one example), as well as other interface modalities. The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the information processing algorithms and design principles behind today's most popular and tomorrow's emerging mobile user interface systems.

ECE1780F consists of a few background lectures focusing on a full-term course project where students will devise and create their own mobile application. Students, working in groups of 1-3, will work on a mobile app with a focus on unique/optimized User Interfaces. App ideas need to be finalized by September 22, with the functional app demo due on October 20, and final app demo by December 1.

Lecture 1A
Lecture 1B
Mobile Touch UI Optimization
Lecture 2A
Speech Recognition
Lecture 2B
Speech Enhancement
Lecture 3A
Conversational Systems
Lecture 3B
The Future of Mobile UI
Sept. 8 - Lecture 1A+1B
Sept. 15 - Overview of 2013 project + group formation
Sept. 22 - Lecture 2A+2B
Sept. 29 - Project Proposal Presentations (10%)
Oct. 6 - Lecture 3A+3B
Oct. 20 - Functional Demo (30%)
Oct. 27 - Group Discussion/Meeting Hours
Nov. 3 - Final Demo Rehearsal 1 (0%)
Nov. 10 - NO CLASS
Nov. 17 - Group Discussion/Meeting Hours
Nov. 24 - Final Demo Rehearsal 2 (0%) + Preliminary Report Due (0%)
Dec. 1 - Final Demo (30%) + Final Report Due (30%)

2013 FINAL RESULTS: Click here for a recap post on the most exciting projects of the 2013 edition of ECE1780.
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